1. One of the major themes of No Country for Old Men is the battle of good versus evil on the wide-open country of Texas and how the terrain affects the characters. The entire film more or less revolves around the epic cat and mouse game between the protagonist Llewelyn and the antagonist Anton. And both men use the state of Texas as one big battleground, as they carry on their fighting through the country, into cities, hotels, etc. all for the right to have the 2 million dollars.

2. One of the main themes of the novel is the Sheriff’s idea that the world is no longer a country for old men; by which I mean people from his day and age with his beliefs have no place in this world where ruthless, twisted killers like Anton roam. In the first few pages of the excerpt the Sheriff is looking upon the world with his principles and morals, and he just does not understand why people do things. He relates the story about the man he sent to the electric chair and he talks about how narcotics are the root of so much violence, and he is simply stunned that the world has come to this. I do not think there was too much of a problem relating this to film because the Coen brothers did a nice job of giving Tommy Lee Jones’ character his moments where he could make these observations.

http://blog.burtonia.com/2007/11/no-country-for-old-men.html → This blog was interesting because the writer used to live in West Texas in the 1980s during the upswing in crime there.

http://www.indietalk.com/showthread.php?t=34577 →This discussion board provided a lot of different opinions and critical analysis of the movie.


I found this source to be the most useful for understanding the film because it talked a lot about the themes and opinions of the author of the novel, Cormac McCarthy. The author of this website talks about the different novels McCarthy has written and some of the themes that appear all across his writing. This is interesting and helpful when it comes to understanding the film because it gives you an insight into the mind of the author of the source text, which makes it easier to spot some of the themes in the movie.

4. What is the title No Country for Old Men supposed to signify? Is the “country” the land of the American Southwest, the United States as a whole, or both? And why do the “old men” no longer belong there?

In No Country for Old Men, the country is both the land of the American Southwest and the United States as a whole. Old men no longer belong there because they are living in a time and place where the principles and morals they grew up with no longer hold true. In the movie Anton’s use of a air pump nail gun to kill his victims and to break into their rooms represents a futuristic or modern approach to killing, and it has the sheriff baffled. Also, at different times in the movie we are privy to the sheriff’s musings about current events going on in the United States. Each time he seems stunned, confused, or simply unsure of why people are killing each other for seemingly no reason. The sheriff is realizing that law enforcement is turning into a young man’s game, and he can no longer keep up.